April 2009 Archives

April 22, 2009

Tests and T-shirts

Principals Alicia Lail and Rhonda McLemore at Union Grove Middle School in Blount County Tennessee are getting students excited about state standardized tests.

Doing something about it

Tammy Lail rallied support for the Morganton school superintendent with a public demonstration of support.  Hundreds turned out.

Catching a win

Mark Lail playThe headline in the Farragut Press was: "Lail effort central to BHS defeat of Indiana team."

(Photo by Alan Sloan, Farragut Press)

April 21, 2009

Within-the-box thinking to solve a problem

Dustin Lail was one of the founders of a "Sleep in a Box" event at LSU.

The "Sleep in the Box" was put on to raise awareness about the hoemless.

LSU students and Baton Rouge folks slept in cardboard boxes for one night to experience something like the life of the homeless.

Ashley Lail pitches second shutout of season

Ashley LailAshley Lail, who we've written about before, pitched her second no-hitter of the season to lead North Texas to a 6-0 win over Troy on April 11 at Lovelace Stadium. 

April 10, 2009

Lauren Lail and the Library: Archives of Fashion

Lauren Lail,, owner of the Library: Archives of Fashion, has been getting some attention in Charleston, S.C.

She has curated an extensive assortment of designer clothes and on-trend accessories for a Spring 2009 collection.