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January 14, 2008

College recruiters have an eye on Cole Lail

GoVolsXtra.com says a high school football player to watch next year in college recruiting is Cole Lail of William Blount High School.

One to watch for next year at this time could be William Blount's 6-1, 220-pound linebacker Cole Lail.

He participated last Friday in the U.S. Army National Combine in San Antonio. The combine for 500 of the nation's top juniors coincided with the Army All-American Game for seniors. Lail was tested in the 40-yard dash, a 20-yard shuttle run, his vertical jump and 185-pound bench-press repetitions.

See article.

Hello from Seattle!

Email received overnight from John Lail:

Just saw this on the net and thought, since I am a card carrying member of the Lail extended family, I might as well introduce myself and see what comes of it. So, hello fellow Lails from Seattle.

January 8, 2008

Tasty news

While these postings are usually about people with the surname of Lail or in the extended Lail family, every once in awhile Google delivers up someone with the first name of Lail. I think I have seen it twice as a woman's first name.

Today, my inbox had a link to a nice feature on Lail Hess and her Juniper Spoon catering business in Darlington, Ind. She specializes in organic, locally grown vegetables and healthy meals. On the business' Web site, it's called "hand-crafted" food. In addition to standard catering, she has a dinner deliver service.

If I'm ever in Darlington ...


January 2, 2008

Santa baby

Grant Ryan Edwards
In an email today:

Grant Ryan Edwards is the first great grandson of Clyde and Wilma Lail, grandson of Becky and Steve Carter, son of Amanda and Ryan Edwards.

He was born December 14th, 2007, which is the birthday of cousin Linda Orr and was the birthday  of Grant's great, great, great, grandfather Flowers who was the father of Carrie Flowers Lail. 

The quilt in the picture was made by his Great, Great Aunt Hazel Hubbard and the hat was made by Grandmother Becky.

Cik Lail says "Simply Amazing ..."

Photo from Cik Lail's Simply Amazing blog

Cik Lail, a student in Paris, says "When someone told you that you can't do something..." See link to see what happens.