January 2007 Archives

January 19, 2007

Where to eat in Raleigh

Matt Lail did his list of best places to eat in Raleigh. Look here for the details.

1. Hayes Barton Cafe
2. Red Dragon
3. Caffe Luna
4. Lilly's
5. Porter's
6. Sullivan's
7. Rockford
8. Dos Taquitos
9. Oakwood Cafe
10. NOFO at the Pig
Just missed the cut: Char-Grill and Moe's (the bungalow downtown, not the southwest grill chain).

Honorable Mention:
Ole Time Barbecue
Moonlight Pizza
Angus Barn
Big Ed's

January 11, 2007

Still flowing

The amazing story of the artesian well Carl Lail dug for Eddie Brickman.

Ray Lail stuck to his word

When Lowe's came knocking, Ray Lail decided not to sell and became the holdout that didn't sell.

"Ray Lail was a very honorable, respectable guy," Sunqest president Greg Baer said. "When he told you something, he meant it. Everyone else was saying, he gave in, he's selling. But he stuck to his word."

-- Charlotte Observer