November 2006 Archives

November 22, 2006

Old Lail Armstrong General Store

The Old Lail Armstrong General Store is no more in Shamrock, MO.

November 16, 2006

The music keeps on playing

Someone posted a 1977 song, "Livin' Aint Easy," by then Hickory-based band Zaharas.

Lead singer Mick Lail noticed:

I recorded this song in 1977. It's nice to see that people are still listening to it! :-) The band may not be together anymore, but the music will live forever! Thanks for putting it on here whoever you are! :-)

See the whole posting.

The Fight For Their Lives

When they got the tragic news last year, Scott and Karen Lail had three children. They were two weeks away from having a fourth.
And Scott had leukemia.

-- Morganton News Herald, Nov. 14, 2006

November 11, 2006

Just learning

Carolyn Lail sounds like a good teacher.

November 6, 2006

Post-season play

J.J. Lail's Loveland Tigers boys soccer team did well this year.

"We are one of the only teams in the area that has a streak of advancing to the district finals," Loveland head coach J.J. Lail said. "It's something we shoot for every year."

What makes the team even more remarkable is Loveland is one of the smallest Division I schools in Ohio.

Red flags, red flags

Take Kimberly Lail's advice: It is a scam.

Kimberly Lail is a Connelly Springs, N.C., resident who received a letter purportedly from Spain that said she had won $815,950.

“Red flags, red flags,” the Connelly Springs resident said. “I just think it’s dumb. I knew this had to be a scam.”

Singing Sam's Praises

Samantha Putman of Kernersville is getting the praises of teacher Don Lail here.

Loss is Gain

Siblings Jonathan Lail, a freshman at N.C. State, and Elizabeth Lail, an East Forsyth High School junior, are featured in a Winston-Salem Journal piece on sibling separation.

"He picks on me all the time when he comes to visit because he's getting out all his picking that he hasn't in a while. But now that I don't see him as often, I can tolerate it more," she said.

Sound familiar?

Read the whole story here.

November 1, 2006

In the Palm Beach Post ...

Click to see larger photo of Sherry Lail Sherry Lail got her photo in the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post! (Click on the photo to see a larger version and the caption.)

Here's the story the photo goes with.

Upping the ante

Catawba County (Hickory, NC) commissioner Lynn Lail is outspending all candiates for county commission in her bid for re-election. She may be outspending all other candidates combined.

She's got a campaign war chest of $24,000, $20,000 from a family loan and has spent nearly $19,000, mostly for TV ads.

-- Hickory Daily Record.