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April 26, 2006

Tom Lail: Art in Flames

Newsleader.com did a feature on Forest Service fire management officer Tom Lail

"There's a process to our madness," he said. "When we do put the match to it, we're ready."

Read the whole April 26, 2006, story here.

April 23, 2006

Anne Lail, tobacco prevention educator

Anne Lail is trying to make difference in the anti-smoking campaign.

Lail is a tobacco prevention educator for the Westmoreland County Cooperative Extension Office in the Pittsburgh area.

During her many classroom talks, she's heard many students tell about convincing their parents to stop smoking.

"We underestimate the power of kids," Lail said. "We underestimate what they are willing to do because they love mom and dad."

-- PittsburghLive.com.