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April 23, 2005

Leah Lail

Leah_Lail.jpgEnter Lail in Google and one of the top sites the search engine returns will undoubtedly be something about Leah Lail, the 35-year-old Kentucky girl turned Hollywood actress that's been on a fair number of TV shows and a few B movies.

Usually, it's the "Russian site" or Leah Lail Online.

Her IMDb is linked alot. Here's her bio there.

There's video on trick or treating with her dog from E!

And one of the longer pieces you will find on her is this 2001 story from Kentucky Monthly.

I can't figure out why she doesn't have her own site ... although leahlail.com is being used? Most of the matches for a search on her name are pretty pathetic.

What's her agent thinking? Is her agent thinking?