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April 25, 2005

It's novel.

You don't often run into a character named Lail in a novel, but there's one in James O. Born's new novel Shock Wave.

There's ATF agent Jimmy Lail, who likes to think of himself as a white version of Trick Daddy.

In Shock Wave, Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent Bill Tasker teams up with the FBI to locate a stolen Stinger missile.

Shock Wave, much like Walking Money, also depicts the zany events that occur in South Florida on a regular basis. Bumbling terrorists did try to purchase a Stinger missile a few years ago in Palm Beach County.
Readers will be riveted as they follow Tasker racing against the tick-tock of clocks attached to bombs throughout downtown Miami. It's easy to lose track of time until you get to the end of Born's memorable second book. Let's hope he keeps 'em coming.

-- Miami Herald, April 24, 2005.

April 24, 2005

LAIL Limited?

This is a new one on me.

There is a company called Latin American Investors Ltd (goes by the acronym of LAIL, of course), which is described as a diversified investment holding company with interest in the petrochemicals, chemical, manufacturing, plastics, and service industries throughout Latin America.

That's all I know. Just saw a refernce to here.

April 23, 2005

Leah Lail

Leah_Lail.jpgEnter Lail in Google and one of the top sites the search engine returns will undoubtedly be something about Leah Lail, the 35-year-old Kentucky girl turned Hollywood actress that's been on a fair number of TV shows and a few B movies.

Usually, it's the "Russian site" or Leah Lail Online.

Her IMDb is linked alot. Here's her bio there.

There's video on trick or treating with her dog from E!

And one of the longer pieces you will find on her is this 2001 story from Kentucky Monthly.

I can't figure out why she doesn't have her own site ... although leahlail.com is being used? Most of the matches for a search on her name are pretty pathetic.

What's her agent thinking? Is her agent thinking?

April 14, 2005

Banding together

The wrist "belief bracelets" are becoming such a fad that at least school is limiting how many pupils can wear.

Amber Lail, Lower School Principal at the First Academy in the Orlan do, Fla., area, has limited pupils to two bracelets.

-- Orlando Sentinel, April 13, 2005

Daylight dieting

Jennifer Lail, who works at the Center for Women in Democracy at the University of Washington. is baring it all -- her diet that is -- in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

She's part of a group the newspaper is followig who are the Daylight Diet.

Jennifer Lail
Age: 35
Height 5-foot-4
Weight 150 (down 10 pounds and one clothing size)
Quote: "I used to feel absolutely starved and grumpy when I got on the evening ferry. Now I can wait for dinner."
Surprise: Dramatic energy boost in five days on Daylight plan.

-- Seattle Post-Intelligencer April 11, 2005.

The Daylight Diet is sounds intriguing. Hare some more links to info the paper has on its Web site.

* seattlepi.com/health/207016_condor10.html

* seattlepi.com/health/197419_condor01.html

* seattlepi.com/health/210790_condor07.html

April 5, 2005

A healthy dose of debate

From the center of the Blount County, Tenn., fluoridation debate.

Drinking water is especially important to Janet Lail because she suffers from chronic pylonephritis, a kidney disease she was diagnosed with in 1978 and that has put her in the hospital every month for the past four years. That is, until last June.

Since then, her hospital visits have been fewer and further between. First she went 10 weeks without a hospital visit, then 14, then seven.

-- Maryville Daily Times

Janet Lail's husband, Isom, is the district manager of the South Blount Utility Distict and recommended that the water plant, which opened in June 2004, not use fluoride.

The Lails believe what changed about Janet's health was the water.